Workshop : The Tomb part 3

Another weekend, another batch of information :)

I’ve finished building the tomb and started modeling the terrain. While working on it, I decided that this time the roof will shelter 4 graves instead of previous one.

I cast the missing elements out of dental plaster – 4 sarcophagi – one untouched and the rest slightly ‘crumbled’. I also net-purchased metal coffins with vampires which I’ll put inside the graves.

  • the_tomb_prev_15
  • the_tomb_prev_16
  • the_tomb_prev_17
  • the_tomb_prev_18

The main sarcophagus (the queen’s) will be raised on a catafalque made of the same bricks as the main floor. The other three (of soldiers guarding the queen) will be placed directly on the floor. Last but not least, I added a few ornaments, such as: tombstones, skulls, bits and pieces of armor and weaponry, stones etc. Finally, everything has been covered in liquid plaster, sprinkled with dust gravel, and static grass.

Here are a few photos of the diorama. :)

  • the_tomb_prev_19
  • the_tomb_prev_20
  • the_tomb_prev_21
  • the_tomb_prev_22
  • the_tomb_prev_23
  • the_tomb_prev_24
  • the_tomb_prev_25
  • the_tomb_prev_26

Now, the whole thing has to be painted with GW base coat and the painting can begin. :)



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