Bolt Action


Long time no see! A lot of changes here and not much time, but now I’m back with new energies and a lot of zeal!

Unfortunately, I must admit that the 15mm scale is not my cup of tea so I apologized to the good old 28mm and I’m back at the painting desk.

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While surfing the Net in search of an inspiration for a new project I found Warlord Games’ site. It just blew my mind away. Not only do they have battle systems in 28mm scale but also they have them available for a large variety of epochs. Starting with the Ancient Times, then through the Middle Ages, 30 Years War, Napoleaon’s Campaigns, American Civil War and ending with WWII. I first fell in love with the German side in Flames of War (15mm) but the 28mm series just took my breath away.

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BOLT ACTION, because that’s what the original system by Warlord Games is called, is a World War II battle game system in exactly 28mm scale. I bought a starter kit and now I’m waiting for the courier to knock on my door. The fervor is back, and so I’m back to work. I’m still looking for some fellow gamers to try this system amongst friends. Let us hope for the best!



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