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A couple of days ago I had a pleasure of playing "ZombieCide - Black Plage". board game with my friends. :)

A standard new generation board game: a board, some counters and miniatures for pawns. A pretty solid piece of entertainment I must say. A few of the minis were already primed with white undercoat as the owner of the game said he plans to paint all of the minis to add even more awesomeness to the game. That got me thinking: me, a great fan of Talisman and not a single mini even primed. SHAME ON ME!

So, without further ado, let’s get started. First project: TROLL

  • troll

The mini is slightly off the standard 28mm scale - made of plastic by Fantasy Flight Games. I must admit, that they did a good job with details. Of course, I’ll change the base to a more standard one but at the same time I’ll try not to change too much of the original design.

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