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My interest in modeling began when I was a child. My first model was a 1:72 scale PZL Łoś plastic plane. However this basic model was grey in color and did not have a surface that could be painted, allowing only the adherence of colored transfers. I really wanted models that could be in color but at that time had not heard of any system of plastic that could be painted. For this reason I began building models in card. A self-assembly range of “colored” card planes and ships that were published in “Mały Modelarz (Junior Modeler)” served to fulfill my desires.

My modeling evolved and my true passion began when I received my first 28 mm miniature (Warhammer Fantasy Battles).

I have started this Blog to share my interests. I would like to present to you a gallery of my works, most of which are fantasy figures, dioramas or buildings.

Being self-educated my workshop skills developed through reading of specialist literature and use of other multimedia, but above all else: constant and dedicated practice. I am sure that thanks to this site and your valuable feedback I can further perfect my skills and bring them to another level.

Best regards,

Dagmar “DeathThorn” Grzenkowicz

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